The VISHWAS model of Physician Leadership has been awarded the Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars in Global Health grant award: A monumental achievement!

We are immensely grateful to Grand Challenges Canada for recognizing and supporting our efforts; and for offering us the Rising Stars in Global Health grant. This makes VISHWAS one of the 50 odd grantees selected from a pool of more than 250 organizations that had applied for the grant. 

The grant will be utiliized towards the ‘VISHWAS’ is a model of physician leadership that will place family physicians in the heart of communities, and prepare them to be agents of social change by immersing them in a multidisciplinary experiential learning and leadership program. Physician leaders operating from Vishwas community centers, will provide leadership for a variety of community health programs.

To read more about the VISHWAS PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP program visit vishwas-leadership.