Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

USAID funded project - Led by CCP under the Health Communication Partnership (HCP), the project provided technical assistance to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) and State AIDS Control Societies to develop a communication response to HIV/AIDS including messaging, product development, and implementation plans under different thematic areas. CCP utilized behavior change communication (BCC) and advocacy as core approaches to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Along with JHU CCP, we participated in the process of screening and development of communication material derived from field. The unique games designed by the outreach teams in the field were finalized, prototypes developed and printed.

Jawanhoon, Nadan nahin ("I'm young, not naive") campaign focusing on youth  to increase risk perception and knowledge of HIV/AIDS.

Several famous Bollywood stars were engaged to promote messages about HIV testing, prevention, and care for pregnant women and children in India through brochures, posters etc.

A unique campaign that captured the attention of the nation. Dabbawalas, the lifeline of Mumbai were engaged in the delivery of messages related to HIV and AIDS.