Financial Inclusion

ICICI Group’s bold step in changing the entire financial inclusion landscape within the country. By introducing new models to deliver rural and micro credit, promoting the SHG-Bank Linkage, steering the introduction of Business Correspondents in India, and supporting organisations like FINO and MicroSave, ICICI Bank has provided considerable leadership and technical expertise to enable financial inclusion.

We developed viable strategic communication and training tools for building awareness and financial literacy coupled with behavior change. We also helped peer educators and facilitators to start financial inclusion projects through innovative campaigns.

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Performance Indicators

  • Urban II and III tier cities: Business – Business Cycle
    • Develop understanding on Business Cycle needs
  • Rural Area: Sukhiram and Dukhiram Concept - Financial Literacy
    • Develop understanding on life cycle needs and be able to relate it to his own life

What we did

  • Designing and printing of learning aids: IPC toolkits
  • Lifecycle of needs
  • Dukhiram: unplanned life and Sukhiram: planned life
  • Why to save
  • Spending on needs, wants, wastes
  • Different ways to save and invest
  • Bank and its services
  • Insurance related case studies
  • Risks to income, expense, assets
  • Business Life Cycle


  • Created activation in
    • Terms of opening of bank accounts, regular saving in bank, loans from bank
    • Insurance cover
    • Planned life and business
  • IPC helped mobiliser to convince people follow the learning point of the program
  • Branding and communications tools helped mobiliser perform better