Guidelines & standards for Counseling HRGs in Clinic settings

Guidelines and Standards for Counseling High-risk Groups in Clinic Settings, defines the guidelines and minimum standards for counseling services provided in Avahan-supported clinics.

The document focuses on STI counseling; if the clinic has an on-site integrated counseling and testing center (ICTC) This manual will be useful in guiding Avahan clinic staff, NGOs, and CBOs implementing targeted interventions on how to provide quality counseling services for high-risk group members.

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What we did

  • Conceptualization of the manual and design
  • Print and logistics

Jobs designed and printed for FHI

  • Communication toolkits
  • Develop IPC material
  • Manual and Clinical guidelines
  • Exhibition stalls
  • Games, Situation cards etc.
  • Launched of Pan flavored Condom
  • Multilingual adaptation¬† of IPC material and toolkits (?)